Grocery Service At Our Orlando Suites Hotel

The Enclave Hotel & Suites is proud to announce our newest amenity…Garden Grocer!

The Enclave Hotel & Suites is proud to announce our newest amenity… Garden Grocer!

Imagine, after a long day of traveling, arriving to find the kitchen or kitchenette already stocked with your favorite food and snack items.  The Garden Grocer, an online grocery delivery service, recently partnered with The Enclave Hotel & Suites, will make your stay much easier and more convenient.  Why hail a cab or try to manage Orlando’s highways when you can simply have your groceries delivered to your room?

Garden Grocer offers a wide variety of snack and drink options as well as enough foods & condiments to cook for yourself during your stay.  Consider how handy it would be to have a salad kit and soup on hand in your room.  Having a simple meal together after an exhausting day in theme park land is a perfect way to unwind and relax.

Do you have special dietary requirements?  Garden Grocer offers a selection of heart healthy food options, gluten-free foods, low carb selections and more.

Think Garden Grocer is expensive?  Check out the website and be  pleasantly surprised by the unexpected low prices and very reasonable delivery fee.   Partnering with Garden Grocer is just one more way The Enclave Hotel & Suites is working to bring you the very best experience during your stay in Orlando.

The Enclave staff have truly become our family–so caring and such positive attitudes! We are privileged to sometimes overhear how patient and understanding they are of guests in all kinds of situations.

George, USA