Best Hotel For Family Reunions – The Enclave Suites

April 17, 2015

Traveling with a large group of people requires serious organization and puts a lot of pressure on the group leader. There are several things to consider when planning a group stay, so in an effort to make your experience more enjoyable, we have put together a few tips to help you select a hotel for your group.

Price, comfort, amenities, facilities and location are a few of the points we would like for you to keep in mind when choosing a hotel for your group. In this blog post we will touch on what a property should offer if you are looking to book a hotel that would be a great fit to host family reunions!

We suggest you book a hotel that has a few particular features to make your trip easier. The Enclave Hotel & Suites is perfect to host family reunions. That is because our resort offers:

– Great value: For a family vacation you must take everyone’s budgets in consideration. While some may have a bit more disposable income, others might struggle to afford an expensive trip. Since the point of a family reunion is to have as many family members come together, you don’t want budget constrains to limit people’s attendance. We offer competitive rates and are known for holding family reunions. Check out our Facebook page to see all the great feedback and interaction we constantly get on our posts!

– Lots of amenities: The best part of a family reunion is catching up with loved ones. And there is no better place to do it than at the pool. We have an indoor pool and Jacuzzi and two pristine outdoor pools that are sure to please your whole party and help create unforgettable memories.

Enclave Pool Night

– Location: We are located at steps from Universal Orlando and the newest attraction in Orlando, I-Drive 360. International Drive is also just steps away and offers an array of restaurants, bars, gift shops and plenty of entertainment spots.UNIVERSAL

Spacious suites: Our two-bedroom units sleep up to six people, so families can stay together while enjoying plenty of space and a fully equipped kitchen that allows for homemade meals to be cooked, which can help reduce the cost of the trip

– Exclusive treatment: We know that you want to start hanging out with the family as soon as possible, so we can get keys pre-made and have them ready at check in! If desired, we can also pre-assign rooms as close together as possible, so you won’t miss a minute of the family experience.

If you are planning a group vacation and need help booking with hotel rooms for your family reunion, our sales staff would be happy to assist you. You can email for more information on pricing, availability and special packages.