Best Souvenir Secret from The Wizarding World of Harry Potter

January 06, 2015

One of the best things about vacationing to Orlando is bringing home a few unique souvenirs for family or for yourself! If you are a Harry Potter fan, I must warn you that you will be tempted to buy EVERYTHING under the sun, as all merchandise seem to perfectly replicate beloved items in the books/movies. There are wands, clothes, hats, scarves, socks, house items, food, and candy… lots of candy!

The most recognizable candy is the Every Flavor Beans that Harry and Ron eat at the train to Hogwards. The jelly beans range from delicious to disgusting and include flavors like tutti-frutti, lemon, vomit, dirt and boogies. Now, HERE is the SECRET:

A pre-packaged box of Every Flavor Beans Cost $10.95 and has 6oz of candy. That can get quite expensive if you want to gift this fun treat.

Every Flavor Beans box

That’s how much the bag was filled and I paid less than $5.

Every Flavor Beans back of package


An alternative to save money is to buy the candy by the pound. At HoneyDukes they have the SAME exact beans in a self-serve display where you get to dispense as many jellies as you would like into a plastic, pink zip lock bag.

jelly beans in tubes

The dispensable candies cost $3.24 per each ¼ pound, which makes it much cheaper than the packaged ones. I paid around $4.50 for about 0.3 pounds, so that would make a 6oz box cost less than $6, which is much cheaper than the $10.95 it sells for when packaged.

holding jelly beans


So, all in all, you are paying for the cute packaging that some people may like to keep as a collector’s item. But be aware that the current packaging only consists of a colorful paper box. When the beans were first release they came in a cute fabric pouch that could be reused to store small items like jewelry, for example. See picture below:

Bean pouch

But now all you get is a paper box, so it’s up to you to spend the extra dollars on the cute packaging or not!

The beans are so much fun to try and kids and adults have a blast trying to figure out the “nasty” flavors. And you still get the same experience as both candies are sold inside the same store, so it’s not like you are buying a knock off. I hope you enjoyed this tip! Send us a tweet @EnclaveORL if you plan on doing this next time you are at Universal Island of Adventure!