Best Universal Orlando Roller Coasters

May 27, 2016

We wanted to write a blog post picking the BEST roller coaster in Orlando, but we failed. That is because the selection is way too huge for us to pick just one. There are so many amazing roller coasters in Orlando that we just decided to write a blog post naming the TOP 3 coasters at Universal Orlando on this post and the Top 3 at Disney World Resort on this post. So here they are:

1- The Incredible Hulk: This ride has actually been under renovations for the past year and it’s about to reopen soon in the summer 2016. We don’t even know what the new ride will be like, but this furiously green roller coaster is one of our favorites for sure. The initial fast-launch is our favorite part! Get ready for this smashing adventure.

The Incredible Hulk roller coaster at Universal Studios

2- Hollywood Rip Ride Rockit: There is no other coaster like this one in the area. You actually get to pick the song you want to ride this fast beast to. The ride reaches up to 65mph, so it actually makes your eyes water and stomach drop with every near-miss turn and HUGE vertical falls! Forget taking loose items with you, because you now have to go through a metal detector to make sure you are not taking your phone and losing it on the way. We’re telling you. It’s a fast ride.

3- Revenge of the Mummy: This is another dark ride that will rock your socks, or mummy bandages, off. The whole theme is awesome and it includes fire tricks and a back drop! Sold!


These are just our favorite coasters, but Universal still has the Dragon Challenge that is amazing and many other rides that will bring on that adrenaline rush just as much as the coasters mentioned above! Which one is your favorite? Stop by our Facebook page and let us know!