Find The Perfect Luggage

August 20, 2015

If you are coming to stay with us in magical Orlando and are in the market to get some new luggage, we would like to help you pick a winning piece. There are way too many kinds of luggage to pick from nowadays, so we want to help you narrow it down. Below are a few types of luggage that you might want to learn a bit about.

luggage with stickers on it

The Spinner:
They are usually a bit more pricey, but very convenient and comfortable to carry. These feature wheels that spin quietly and responsively in any direction, so if you are carrying more that one piece of luggage this will really make your life much easier. Con: the quality of the wheels have come a long way, but because they stick out so much more prone to break.


The Duffle Bag
: This one multitasks as a backpack or a wheeled duffle, so it’s easy to carry and ideal for storing. So, if you live in a small space, this is a great feature. It still provides a lot of space and it’s very durable.


Light weight
: Many luggage brands already make light- weight pieces, but some of them are lighter than others. This one is a ultra-light weight that is around three pounds lighter than other models. If you are worried about not being able to meet the weight limit after buying all of your Disney gifts, this one is your match!


The Fashion
: If for you the most important thing is the looks, you might have to compromise in either price or quality. There are plenty of colorful, printer and fashion-forward luggage pieces out there, but when it comes to being cute, durable you are left with fewer options. Consider browsing online for a design you like and doing some serious shopping around before choosing the one.


The Designer
: Be ready to pay for the name! As all designer goods are more expensive than regular items, so are your designer luggage. Unless you are traveling by car and keeping the luggage with you, we don’t really suggest checking in a $3,550 piece of luggage that can easily be lost by your carrier. If you can’t shake the thought of having a designer bag, buy a carry-on piece that you get to keep with you at all times.


The Disney
: If you are ready to get your Disney ON, there’s no better way than owning a Disney theme luggage. Again, you might have to pay a higher price. But if you do your research and price check a few places in advance you might be able to score a good deal!



Now that you are all packed up, we hope to see you soon here at The Enclave Suites in Orlando to make some magical memories! Have a great trip!