New Orlando Attraction- StarFlyer

June 1, 2018.

New StarFlyer Swing Ride in Orlando

Orlando is a synonym of tons of fun, magical lands, theme park adventures and many amazing and thrilling rides! There are plenty Orlando attractions to please the entire family; from slow boat rides to crazy-fast roller coasters! But now, Orlando also has the “world’s tallest swing ride” standing at 450 feet- The StarFlyer! This brand-new ride debuted today, June 1, 2018, and it’s already dividing opinion everywhere! Even the bravest souls are taking a double look at this monster ride! That is because the ride looks pretty intense if you are looking up to it. The StarFlyer has 12 double seats for a total of 24 riders at the time and the ride lasts up to 3 minutes. The swing can reach 60mph speeds and it will go all the way to the top! Are you brave enough?

People riding StarFlyer swing ride


One of our team members was invited to the StarFlyer’s grand opening to see what the ride was all about and she reported back saying that it was super fun and way less scary than you think it would be if you just look at it from afar. “You can’t quite feel exactly how fast you are going, but it’s still thrilling enough with the wind blowing on your hair while you take in the amazing view from up there. There were definitely a couple of moments of fear when I started to think “oh my, this is way too high,” but the thrill is exactly what makes the StarFlyer so awesome!” she said.

We took a few pictures to share with our guests and gathered some important information too:

  • Minimum height is 44 inches.
  • The ride lasts about 3 minutes.
  • Parking is free.
  • It costs $12 per ticket and $7 if you want to ride again.
  • The StarFlyer stands at 450 feet.
  • There is no age limit.
  • It can operate in winds up to 45mph.
  • There’s a bar right at the bottom of the ride in case you need some liquid courage

Must be 44 inches to ride StarFlyer


I Drive StarBar

If you can’t wait to ride this brand new Orlando attraction, check out our website for rates and availability. The Enclave Suites is just one mile away from the StarFlyer and all the amazing attractions at ICON Orlando 360 like the ICON Orlando Observation Wheel, the Sea Life Aquarium and the Madame Tussauds Orlando wax museum! Pick all of your favorite Orlando attractions and come have an unforgettable vacation with us!