The longest-running fringe theater festival in the United States, Orlando Fringe is happening across Orlando and just north of our International Drive hotel suites!

Orlando’s Fringe Festival 2019

If you’re a fan of all the magic of the Walt Disney World Resort and the thrills of Universal Orlando, you probably already have Orlando marked as one of your favorite vacation spots when it comes to spending a few day being a total tourist!

But if you would also love to experience some of the local culture and explore the city beyond the theme parks, then you must visit Orlando this May.

From May 14 to May 27, Orlando hosts the longest-running fringe theater festival in the United States! This year the Fringe is celebrating 28 years as “Orlando’s Most Unique Cultural Experience.” Book your stay at the Enclave Suites today and come enjoy plenty of sunshine, pool time and artsy events with us this May! 

What exactly is the Fringe Festival you may ask? Well, we have all the answers for you on this blog post!

What is it?

Fringe is a 14-day arts festival that is founded on the concept of being:

•100% Unjuried,

•100% Uncensored

•100% Accessible

•100% Inclusive

•100% Of Sales Are Returned Back To The Artists!

How does it work?

You must purchase a button to be able to access the event and the great law where the food and drink stands are located in. The cost of the button helps support the festival itself. From there, if you would like to see any plays, presentations or performances, you can just buy a ticket for whichever attraction you would like to see. You need both a ticket and a button to get into any of the venues presenting a show. The festival is so cool that even if you don’t want to see any plays, you can still partake in the fun by just buying a button and hanging out at the Fringe Lawn where they have the famous Beer Tent, our Booze Tent, and numerous food vendors. 

Must see:

The official opening of the Festival will be followed by 2-minute live teaser performances for touring shows representing 5 countries and over 20 States. Hosted by Fringe legend Chase Padgett and Festival Producer Mike Marinaccio. If you’re planning to attend, this will certainly be a must-see for your 2019 Orlando Fringe viewing schedule!


You can buy tickets and see the entire selection of plays at the Fringe’s website!


812 East Rollins Street 

Suite 300 

Orlando, FL 32803

(407) 648-0077