Pop Some Popcorn, Get Cozy and Enjoy a Movie Night at the Orlando Film Festival!

September 30, 2018

Calling all movie enthusiasts!  This October you cannot miss the amazing Orlando Film Festival that happens from October 18 to 25 this year.  At the Enclave Suites we know that most of our guests visit Orlando to discover the magic of the Disney theme parks and all of the excitement that the Universal Orlando parks have to offer! But if you are visiting us this October you will have a chance to not only enjoy the theme parks but to also partake in all of the fun that the Orlando Film Festival has to offer!

Old Film Reel 

October is already a great time of the year to visit Orlando since it is low season and there are plenty of International Drive hotel deals available to help you stay within budget for your Orlando trip. And even though it is already fall, the weather is still beyond beautiful in Orlando this time of the year. You will still be able to enjoy plenty of pool time at the Enclave Suites, visit water parks and get lots of sunshine to spruce up those tan lines!  Now, on to the details of the Orlando Film Festival:



The festival happens at the state-of-the-art Cobb Plaza Cinema Café that is located in downtown Orlando. Twelve theaters with a high-end digital projection will be in use for the festival and the festival also includes many other attractions such as a lively Q&A’s, panel discussions, script reads & exclusive parties. The Orlando Film Festival has been named one of the top “25 Coolest Film Festivals in the World” by Moviemaker Magazine, so if you are a movie lover you just can’t miss the opportunity to watch unique films and show your support for all filmmakers, producers and screenwriters!


The festival has showcased films that have gone on to Academy Nominations and even one that took home the Oscar.  Films of all genres are shown at the festival, so no matter if you’re a comedy, action, drama, documentary or any other kind of genre fan, you will surely find some amazing films to appreciate during the festival. The 2018 films are also well represented and diverse, as they will be showing films from more than 25 countries altogether!


To purchase tickets, head on to their website to select the kind of pass you’re interested in: 1-day passes start at $20, the 3-day pass starts at $50 and the 7-day passes start at $100.


We hope to see you soon at the Enclave Suites for an amazing Orlando vacation filled with adventure, fun and plenty of buttery popcorn this October!