Survive the Summer Theme Park Heat

July 8, 2016

Magic Kingdom entrance sign


Summer is one of the busiest seasons for the theme parks in Orlando. There is way too much fun to be had with extended park hours and the ever-lasting sunshine that is desired by so many tourists. But the same sun that brighten our days can always be pretty harsh. So we are writing this blog post to suggest a few things that can make your trip that much better during the summer:


Wear sunscreen: Apply sunscreen before leaving for the park and take a travel size with you to re-apply in the park. Days are quite long during the summer and the merciless sun must be blocked from damaging your skin.


Water rides: Before leaving for the park, download their phone app to check out waits for the water rides and determine the height requirement, as well. If you can get a Fastpass+ for the Disney rides, get one early in the day for a water ride. That’ll refresh you right away and leave you time to dry in the sun. Just be sure to be wearing appropriate shoes if you are planning on getting wet.

Disney Splash Mountain


Hydrate: Keep hydrated by taking a water bottle with you and constantly refilling it at the water fountain. If you don’t like water fountains, most restaurants inside the parks will give you a free cup of water. No need to waste your precious $4 on a water bottle.


Indulge: Use the money you saved on that water bottle to buy you a cold treat! Yes, water is great but ice cream is greater! You’re on vacation, so indulge a bit. If you are staying with us at the Enclave Suites, you can even buy ice cream for cheaper at the grocery store and store it in the freezer for an after-park treat! Our suites offer a full-size fridge with freezer, so you can also freeze a bottle of water the night before to take to the park with you. Tip: fill the bottle halfway with water and place it horizontally in the freezer. That way you’ll still have some space for some fresh water in the morning.

butterbeer ice cream in a cup


Take a break: Allow yourself to take a break in the parks by visiting an air-conditioner store to shop around or a cafĂ©/restaurant that you can just sit down and relax in the shade for a while. Walking can get pretty exhausting, so be sure to respect your limits. Once you’re done with the parks, make sure to go for a dip in our 24-hour indoor pool for some refreshing and relaxing time!


Enclave Indoor Pool


The Enclave staff have truly become our family–so caring and such positive attitudes! We are privileged to sometimes overhear how patient and understanding they are of guests in all kinds of situations.

George, USA