Tax-Free Shopping in Orlando

July 24, 2015

calculator and money

When you think of Orlando I can most certainly guarantee that Disney Word, Universal Studios, Sea World or any of our many wonderful theme parks! But did you know that Orlando is now attracting as many tourists to shop as they are to visit theme parks?

Orlando has amazing malls and outlets malls that are always packed with tourists from all over the worlds. (For tips on stores that are hidden gems and less packed check out this blog post.) You can regularly find incredible deals for all family members and the sales tax in Florida is 6.65%, which is cheaper than many other touristic states like New York, California, Nevada, Colorado and Illinois, so that allows you to buy cheaper items in Florida!

Tip: If you are traveling to NY first, and see an amazing deal at Macy’s, for example, it would be smart to find out if they have the same item at Macy’s Orlando and buy it here for cheaper. But if you fell in love with an item, I would actually recommend that you buy it to make sure you have it. Then you can just return it and repurchase it for cheaper in case you find the same item in Orlando. (I know it seems like a lot of trouble, but those things will add up when you are planning to do some serious shopping.)

But for a simpler more AWESOME solution, just wait for Orlando’s tax-free holiday to shop. For 2015 we will no longer have the standard 3-day holiday! We will have 10 days to enjoy the back-to-school tax-free holiday! From August 7 to August 16 you can buy several items with no sales tax!

Items that will be tax-free include; clothing, footwear, wallets, and bags that costs $100 or less, school supplies that cost $15 or less, and the first $750 of the cost of personal computers and related accessories.

So, get your wallet ready and good luck finding sweet deals! And if you are staying with us at The Enclave, don’t forget to check our lobby for coupons on various attractions that you may want to visit when taking a break from your shopping sprees! Happy buying!