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Tuesday, February 17, 2015

10 Things you MUST take to the theme parks

Things for theme parks

1. Sunscreen – Even if it’s not sunny, you should apply sunscreen when you’re spending a whole day outside.

2. Hand Sanitizer – You will be exposed to people from all around the world and touching the same places they do, so it can’t hurt to be extra careful and sanitize.

3. Ponchos – The weather in Orlando can be pretty unpredictable, so being prepared and bringing a poncho will save you money if you get some unexpected rain. It’s pretty simple: Why pay $8 for a poncho that you can buy for much cheaper at the dollar store?

4. CameraMost everyone owns a cellphone that takes great pictures nowadays, so this is a given.  But if you’re planning on going to a water park a good option is to buy a water resistant disposable camera to capture all moments!

5. Autograph Book – I don’t know how many times I’ve seen parents paying $10 for the SAME autograph book they can buy at local stores or gift shops outside of the parks for half the price or even cheaper.

6. Water Bottle – You can take a water bottle and refill them for free at the water fountains. That can save a family a lot of money since water bottles cost around $3 at most parks and you should be drinking much more than one bottle a day.

7. Portable Phone Charger – We all know that the battery on smartphones are not the most reliable, so taking a portable phone charger can save you the trouble of having to be stuck at a wall outlet to revive your phone. After all, you can’t make your friends jealous by posting live pictures of your amazing trip if your phone is dead.

8. Sunglasses It’s usually bright and sunny, so please protect your corneas. Just make sure to take your sunglasses off before going on a high-speed ride where you may forever lose them.

9. Walking Shoes – This is all about personal preference. Some people, hence Floridians, love their flip flops and feel most comfortable in them. Personally, I believe tennis shoes with more arch support are better, but then you run the risk of getting them wet at a water ride and having to squeak for the rest of the day. Either way you decide to go, make sure they’re comfortable.

10. Snacks – If you stay in the park all day, you may want to take some power bars, trail mix, fruit or whatever easy snack of your choice. Eating a meal at one of the restaurants is a cool experience, but if you want to avoid eating in the part altogether you can even take sandwiches or wraps to save up. Just remember that if it’s really hot outside things may spoil faster, so sticking with dry snacks is always a safer option.