Please review the location of exits, alarms and fire equipment on your floor as soon after check-in as is practical. A copy of the hotel’s floor plan appears on the back of your suite door. Also, know how to open and c lose your guest suite window if it is designed to do so. If you are in a first floor unit, be sure to secure your patio door with locking bar before you leave your unit.



  • Remain Calm.
  • Keep your room key with you at all times.
  • Use the stairs to exit, not the elevators.
  • Stay low in smoke filled areas.



  • Leave the room and close the door.
  • Activate the nearest alarm box, if possible.
  • Call the hotel operator on the nearest phone by dialing “0” and specify the location of the fire.
  • Go to the nearest stairwell and walk down to the exit.


  • Stay in the safety of your room to wait for instructions from hotel management.
  • Dial “0” to let the hotel operator know your location.



  • Take your room key with you.
  • Touch the door handle and frame to see if they are hot. If they are not, open the door carefully, keeping low as you do so.
  • If possible, go to the nearest stairwell and walk down to exit the building or enter a safe floor.


  • Stay calm.
  • Dial “0” to let the hotel operator know your location.
  • Stay in your room and keep the door shut.
  • turn off the air-conditioner.
  • Fill the bathtub with water so you have a water supply.
  • Place wet towels along the bottom of the door and over any vents where there is smoke.
  • Stay below any smoke in the room.





We are proud of Orlando’s well-deserved reputation as a safe place for visitors. Following the common sense safety tips shown below will help you enjoy a safe, secure vacation.


  1. For emergency aid of any kind, call 911. From the phone in your suite dial 9-911.
  2. Florida law requires safety belts for all front seat passengers, regardless of age. Children under the age of three are required to be in a safety car seat. Children aged four and five must be in a safety seat or wear a seat belt.
  3. Florida laws requires that you turn on your headlights at dusk, in fog or in rain. Be especially careful while driving during or after rainfall. Slippery road conditions can cause you to lose control of your vehicle.
  4. Use a map to plan your route before you venture out. If you miss a turn or exit, proceeds to the next corner or exit. Never back up. Always pull completely off the roadway if you must stop.
  5. Pay attention when walking through parking lots. Avoid suspicious characters or areas with no lights. Travel with a companion in the evening. In the unlikely event you are confronted by an assailant, don’t resist if demands are made for valuables, such actions can create a greater danger.
  6. If you’re uncomfortable about traveling to or through a particular neighborhood, ask at your hotel front desk for safety pointers or an alternate route.
  7. always lock your vehicle. Lock valuables in the trunk, glove box or luggage compartment so they are out of sight. Secure your valuables-jewelry cash, cameras and travel documents in the hotel safe. Only take necessary valuables when traveling. CAUTION: The extreme heat of closed vehicles may damage electronic equipment.
  8. Always lock both your front and/or patio doors while you’re in your hotel room and when you leave. Use the safety latch for security. Never open your room door unless you know who is there. If you did not call for hotel service offered by the person at the door, call the front desk to see if they have sent someone to your room.
  9. Keep your room key in a safe place on your person when at the hotel pool or The Marketplace. Secure your purse by wrapping the strap across your shoulder, carry your wallet in an inside pocket. Avoid hanging such personal items on chairs or restroom hooks unless you’re certain only you can remove them.
  10. The Florida sun can burn you easily and quickly even on overcast days. Be sure to apply a sunscreen to your skin before you go outdoors-especially if your skin is fair.
  11. Remember it is against Florida law to leave infants or pets unattended in automobiles. The extreme heat and lack of water can be fatal to them.





The Orlando area can be subject to severe weather with little or no notice. For your safety and protection our staff will respond to a Tornado Watch or a Tornado Warning using the following procedures:

Tornado Watch: This is an indication that there is severe weather in the area and/or that conditions favor the formation of Tornadoes. Our staff will begin preparations to ensure your safety. We will closely monitor the severe weather advisories and inform you of the condition. There will be no noticeable interruption of services or schedules. No alarm will sound!

Tornado Warning: This is a warning advising us that a Tornado has been sighted within our area and that other Tornadoes may occur. This warning may last a few minutes or as long as a few hours, although that is highly unusual. As soon as the hotel is made aware of the fact that we are in a warning area we will:

  1. Evacuate our pool areas, Marketplace (Food Court, Store and Pub), Conference Center, and courtyard areas. Additionally, we ask that you take shelter and return to your room.
  2. The safest place to seek shelter in the event of a Tornado Warning will be in your bath room. Do not under any circumstances stand near your window. Close all sliding glass doors and drapes.
  3. If your meeting is in progress, we will inform your meeting planner and it will be their decision to continue the meeting or to adjourn all attendees to their rooms.

This notice is not to unduly alarm you but to make you aware of the precautions the hotel will take to protect you. If there are any questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to contact the Manager on duty by dialing “0” on your phone.