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Living in Florida is a dream come true for many. Wonderful weather and plentiful sunshine year round is a feature that only a few U.S. states can boast about! Many people think that vacation mode is always on for Floridians, but that is not necessarily true. Floridians work hard and deserve to have planned vacations like everybody else! The only difference is that they don’t have to go too far to enjoy a truly unforgettable vacation.

At The Enclave Suites, we recognize the importance of taking some time off to relax, recharge and come back to work with even more energy and enthusiasm. Taking time off for a vacation has been proven to improve productivity at work and even boost creativity! In order to support happier employees and more productive workplaces, we decided to reward our Florida residents with a significant discount* to make sure they are able to enjoy an amazing “staycation” at anytime!

The Enclave Suites offers the best Orlando hotel Florida Resident Discount* where Florida residents get to save up to 30% when they book their vacation directly with us.

Orlando gets visitors from all over the world on a daily basis and that is because we truly have the best theme parks and attractions in the country! So, Floridians are very lucky to have places like the Walt Disney World Resort, Universal Orlando and SeaWorld in their backyard, and it would be a shame if they did not take the time to get to visit these remarkable theme parks.

The exciting shopping scene is also a huge reason why tourism in Orlando keeps on growing each year. Having a staycation in Orlando is a great way to have a memorable family vacation without having to travel far or spend too much money. Families from all over the world spend thousands of dollars to fly into Orlando and enjoy everything that Floridians can enjoy for much less as they don’t need to spend money on airfare. Most Floridians only need to drive for a few hours to make it to Orlando, so there is no excuse to miss out on a marvelous vacation!

There are so many reasons to love living in Florida and one of those reasons is our special discount of up to 30% for Florida residents*. Click below to start booking your stay with us!

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*Discount based on availability.

The Enclave staff have truly become our family–so caring and such positive attitudes! We are privileged to sometimes overhear how patient and understanding they are of guests in all kinds of situations.

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